Core Values

Welcome to the EDGE Ovens website. EDGE Ovens are manufactured by MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc located in Dunbar, Pennsylvania. MF&B Restaurant Systems has been in the conveyor oven business since 1997. Our original business model was the re-manufacturing of conveyor pizza ovens. This background in reconditioning multiple manufacturers ovens lead to the the design of the EDGE Conveyor Ovens in 2008. In the design of this oven we were able to address many concerns our customers had with ovens they were currently using. Some of the items we addressed in this oven were:


·      Efficiency

·      Affordability

·      Simplicity

·      Ease of Installation

·      Serviceability



We decided that the oven we build must be the best baking oven in the marketplace! Other manufactures focus on the speed of the oven, some want to be the cheapest on the market, some insist low energy use is the key factor, and others will paint it so it looks good in the kitchen. At Edge, we are most concerned about what comes out the ends of the oven. Great bakes are what make happy customers and happy customers order again and again. Today our owners consider their mission to build the best conveyor pizza oven at a low cost, with low energy use, yet most importantly, with the best bakes.



At Edge, we manufacture and build ovens in the United States of America. We are proud to be manufacturing a product that that is in use around the world and used to help create a good business for our customers. We believe in the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” It has served us well and will continue to serve us well as we grow our business. Our desire is to supply you with reliable best baking ovens to support your business and growth. We know if we take great care our customers they will come back. We are here to partner and support you for the long haul. Our team includes many great employees who also desire to build a strong company. We all work hard, play with regularity and have faith in God above. We understand it is very important to have a balanced life and we practice it daily. We also know our customers are very important to us and we are available to take care of your needs.



Our most recent project has been the design and production of the EDGE series of ovens. The EDGE Ovens are a product of our years of experience in the “remanufactured” conveyor oven business. Our experience with conveyor ovens, franchise CEO’s, and store owners helped lead to the production of the EDGE series of ovens that incorporates a more user friendly design without adding complicated and complex controls to the ovens. This approach allows for simple installation, troubleshooting, and service. 


All EDGE Ovens are fabricated and assembled by MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc., in our Dunbar, Pennsylvania, facility located about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Our facility uses CNC fabrication equipment to take stainless steel sheets and produce high- quality oven parts, which are then assembled into EDGE Conveyor Ovens. By producing all the stainless steel components at our facility we are able to have complete control over the production and quality of the final product. Components produced in our CNC machines are then assembled into an EDGE Oven. Electrical and gas components are installed and checked for function and safety. Ovens are then test baked to make sure every item is functioning as designed. Finally ovens are inspected for proper fit and finish before being crated for shipment.