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September 2017
EDGE Conveyor ovens to be distributed by Jestic Foodservice


"MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc. revealed today (9/6) that they have partnered with Jestic Foodservice of Kent, UK. This partnership names Jestic Foodservice as the exclusive Europe distributor of the EDGE series conveyor ovens, manufactured by MF&B Restaurant Systems."

February 2015
EDGE Ovens score highest on independent energy efficiency test


Independent testing has confirmed EDGE Ovens with 49.5% energy efficiency, the most energy efficient of all ovens tested!


California companies get a $750 rebate for being energy efficient, so our EDGE60 is eligible for a $750 per oven rebate if your business is located in California.


Contact us at 1-888-480-EDGE for details!

Upcoming Event
Slice Night Cincinnati
Thursday October 2, 2014
EDGE will be supplying (5) EDGE60 ovens to Pizza Solution and Presto foods for this great event. Stop in for some great pizza while raising money for the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute. 

5–10 p.m., Thursday, October 2

A pizzeria competition and tasting event, 
Slice Night takes place at Cincinnatus Sculpture Area at Sawyer Point.
Music by Savannah Jack.

Tickets are $10 and include all the pizza you can eat.
Beer and other drinks will be available for purchase.

100% of the ticket price benefits University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute

Participating Pizzerias - Adriatico’s * Betta’s Italian Oven* Catch-a-Fire Pizza * Cincy by the Slice * Dewey’s Pizza * Fratelli’s Pizzeria * Goodfellas Pizzeria * Krimmer’s Italianette Pizza* LaRosas’s * Lucy Blue * N.Y.P.D. Pizza * Pisanello’s Pizza * Pizza Tower * Pizzelii * Ramundo’s Pizzeria * Richards Pizza * Rusconi Pizza* Salvadore’s Pizzeria * Snappy Tomato Pizza * Venice on Vine Pizza

Upcoming Event
Sofo Foods Expo and Pizza Contest
Sunday September 21, 2014
The 2014 Pizza Contest will take place during the Sofo Foods Expo on Sunday September 21st at the Toledo Convention Center. Pizza Contest Entries from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky will be able bake their product in the EDGE60 Conveyor Pizza Oven to have a chance at the $1,000.00 prize and bragging rights for the year.
Upcoming Event
Pizza & Prevention
Saturday October 4, 2014

Over the past few years this concept has grown into a community event.  It has generated over $250,000 for the Punxsutawney Fire Department and has equipped over 3,500 homes in the community with working smoke detectors. The event has been replicated many times throughout the United States and accredited by many.  It has been an amazing experience to be part of this event and see what can be accomplished when businesses and community pull together for a common cause – showing gratitude for our hometown heroes.Please join us, October 4, 2014 for the 13th annual Punxsy Pizza & Prevention event Punxsy Pizza located at 115 North Findley Street in Punxsutawney, PA 

August 2014

Edge Ovens offers no-cost mobile kitchen service


At Edge, we believe that the end product is so important for our customers we have a mobile kitchen that can come to your shop and bake until we have dialed the oven into your product for the perfect bakes. 

Our Mobile Kitchen comes with the Edge 40 Oven, or the model of your choice, refrigerated make line, and all the accessories needed to set the oven up correctly. You get your dough, toppings and accessories you use daily ready and we park next to your kitchen and test bake. 

No need to ship your product, guess what the set up should be or worry about the product changing in transit. We will spend as much time baking with you to ensure your Edge Oven will perform flawlessly when you install one in your operation. 

We are so confident in our ovens that there is no charge to come visit and bake to your satisfaction. Just gives us a call and we will schedule a visit to bake at your shop. No purchase commitment is required we simply want to prove to you that an Edge Oven will bake your pizzas to your satisfaction.