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At Edge Ovens we believe that making the best pizza is paramount. To do this there are many parts to the equation: Dough, sauce, toppings, cheese blend, thick, thin, pan, style – St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Neapolitan, and a host of other factors. The last, but not least factor is what to bake your pizza in? Convection, stone deck, forced air conveyor, revolving deck, coal, wood, gas, electric, the choices are endless. On one extreme are the operators who want as many pizzas per hour as possible and just want an edible product to sell for $5. The typical Edge customer lands somewhere in between, but in the end, no matter what, you want the best pizza possible out of your Edge Oven.

Edge Ovens can be set up to bake just about any pizza there is you want to bake. Unlike the competition out there, Edge Ovens can be customized easily, to accommodate a wide range of pizza styles and still give you large volumes of pizzas per hour. Give Edge a call and we will be happy to walk you through the all things we do differently that support the best bakes possible. 



The history of pizza really started with deck-type ovens. Operators soon realized that deck ovens are very limiting. Air impingement style conveyor ovens soon quickly became the alternative for many operators. In the early days there were limitations to conveyor ovens, but with today’s technologies and advancements in screen technology, almost any type of pizza can be baked in an EDGE Conveyor Oven. At Edge, we dial in your bakes using our experience in baking, our corporate test kitchen, our mobile kitchen that can come to you, or in your kitchen or corporate test facility. Understanding your product is the key to successful baking. We can adjust the oven with inserts, ramps, covers, time and temperature to best dial in the bake you demand for your product. Today there are discs, screens, platters, spikes, blue pans, deep-dish pans, and much more to support the perfect bake of your product. There are many things to consider when buying ovens for you operation. Purchase price, energy use, chamber size, belt size, ventilation issues, are just a few things to think about. Yet the most important thing to consider is what comes out of the oven as a finished product! At Edge we are very proud of our offerings on many levels yet the most important is we know we are the best-baking ovens in the marketplace. 


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