Edge60WB Ovens

60” baking chamber, stacks 3 high, all stainless, modulating burner





All EDGE60WB (Widebody) Ovens come standard with an I-HEAT modulating burner. The modulating I- HEAT burner used in the EDGE60WB Oven is the first of its kind in the pizza oven industry. It works by precisely controlling both gas and combustion air. By controlling both gas and airflow the burner can attain maximum efficiency through its entire firing range.

  • More efficient than that of comparable models.
  • A first in the pizza oven industry.
  • Modulates both gas and air.
  • Provides most precise and efficient operation in the industry.


The removable control can allows for simple, fast, easy removal for returning to the manufacturer for warranty, service, or upgrades. This design allows a service company, franchisor, or an independent with multiple ovens to stock one complete control that can be replaced on a failed oven quickly without any prior experience in electronics or oven troubleshooting. The control can simple unbolts from the oven and is unplugged from the main motor for replacement or shipment back to the factory.

  • Simple removal and installation.
  • Makes returning to the manufacturer for warranty work possible using a control can loaner program.
  • Eliminates the need for service companies in many cases.
  • Allows future upgrades and/or refurbishing to be done without having to replace your whole oven.


Our patent pending modular bolt together design makes it possible to install a triple stack of EDGE60 Ovens without the need of any special lifting equipment.

It also enables simple installed in areas where other ovens presented problems such as upstairs or in downstairs locations.

  • Ovens bolt together and do not use rivets or sheet metal screws.
  • Ovens can be carried into location one part at a time.
  • Stainless oven parts can be replaced if damaged by simply unbolting.
  • Ovens can be installed without any special lifting equipment using only a few common hand tools.
  • Ovens can easily be installed in upstairs locations safely.


  • All EDGE Ovens come with a detailed FIVE YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY


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