Why Choose EDGE?

There are many features and benefits to using an Edge oven in your establishment.


Why Edge is the best choice:

  • Best baking oven on the market
  • Ability to dial in bake perfection with custom parts
  • Uses proven technology
  • Removable control can gives repair options
  • Best warranty
  • All parts guaranteed, labor cost paid, and performance satisfaction guaranteed for five years
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Controlled fuel, combustion air matched to flame demand that is branded and patented
  • Very cost competitive
  • Low purchase price, energy costs, and repair costs with high production
  • Made in the USA
  • Components are manufactured and assembled in our Dunbar, Pennsylvania facility


  • High-function Chain Conveyors
  • Heavy-duty Thumb Screws
  • Welded vs. Bended & Folded
  • High-end Filters
  • Variety of Switches
  • Separate Split Belts

Please take your time reviewing the EDGE series of ovens

  • Compare energy efficiency
  • Compare design
  • Compare workmanship
  • Compare value
  • And ask questions

We look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have.

Operating costs as low as $.65 per hour*

*Operating costs based on:
EDGE60 modulating oven set at 475 DEG
Electricity costs @ .10 per KWH
Natural gas costs @ $1.30 per CCF

Energy Usage of Edge Ovens


Standard ON/OFF burner
$.87 per hour

Optional Modulating Burner
$.65 per hour


Standard ON/OFF burner
$.91 per hour

Optional Modulating Burner
$.74 per hour

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* In a never-ending commitment to our customers, MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of the EDGE series of ovens is continually working to balance oven efficiency with pizza production. As a result the cost per hour is subject to change without notice 

All testing based on the following:

  • Oven temperature @ 475 DEG
  • Electricity cost @ $.10 per KWH
  • Natural Gas @ $1.30 per CCF