Edge Mobile Kitchen

At Edge we believe that the end product is so important for our customers we have a mobile kitchen that can come to your shop and bake until we have dialed the oven into your product for the perfect bakes. 

Our Mobile Kitchen comes with the Edge 40 Oven, or the model of your choice, refrigerated make line, and all the accessories needed to set the oven up correctly. You get your dough, toppings and accessories you use daily ready and we park next to your kitchen and test bake. 

No need to ship your product, guess what the set up should be or worry about the product changing in transit. We will spend as much time baking with you to ensure your Edge Oven will perform flawlessly when you install one in your operation. 

We are so confident in our ovens that there is no charge to come visit and bake to your satisfaction. Just gives us a call and we will schedule a visit to bake at your shop. No purchase commitment is required we simply want to prove to you that an Edge Oven will bake your pizzas to your satisfaction.


The iHeat Burner
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