Our Award-Winning Line of Ovens

5-Year Parts, Labor, Efficiency

When you purchase an EDGE Oven we want you to be assured that you are getting the finest conveyor oven in the marketplace.  We offer 5 year parts and labor warranty on all of  oven our models.

What’s covered:
: Any part that fails during normal use during the 5-year warranty period will be replaced at no cost to the owner. As part of our philosophy to provide the best products, we do not skimp on buying low-cost parts. As an example, our conveyor motor is rated for 5 times the pulling strength required for a pizza oven. It in all odds it will never fail.
Labor: In the event that a part fails or you need service for any reason, the labor portion will be covered by EDGE for the full 5-year warranty. All we ask is that you call us at EDGE to register the issue. Do not call for service from a local agency, call us first. Many issues are often resolved over the phone. If not, we will ship the proper part for and pay for the installation.
Satisfaction: We want you to understand that we are your partner for many years to come. If you are not satisfied with your oven’s energy use, bake performance, or have some other concern, call us and let us know. We will do everything in our power to correct the situation. Perhaps down the road you change your product or add a new menu item, we will work with you to dial-in the new bake and supply the correct inserts to achieve the best bake possible.

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G2 Technology

A new look and a modern experience.

The EDGE oven has taken a step forward with the EDGE G2 Control System.  Recipes can be programmed and utilized with just a few quick steps.  System diagnostics, the foundation of the G2 Control, will protect your investment for years to come.

Touch screen:  small in stature, big in function!  Through this 3 inch, capacitive touch screen, the EDGE oven delivers and impressive amount of information and control.  Operations like changing belt direct, manual temperature & bake time, main fan speed, and advanced recipe creation & editing are all easy to get to.

Control system:  a sentinel by nature!  With nearly every system in the oven under thumb, it’s only natural that we decided to collect a little bit of data in the process.  By a little, we mean nearly 2 weeks of it!  This logged data can be used to perform some intense diagnostic work if its ever needed.  This a feature any seasoned restaurant owner can appreciate.

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Personal Service & Support

From your very first phone call to EDGE, our partnership begins.  We are committed to you, our customer.  That's who we are.

All EDGE ovens are covered by a 5 year, part & labor warranty.  In the unlikely event you do have a problem with your oven, just make that first call for service to us.  As the manufacture, we will ensure your oven is repaired correctly and in a timely manner.  We make time for each customer as if they were our only customer.  Our service network is vast and growing by the day.

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What Gives our Ovens an EDGE over the Competition

Even, Consistent Bake

All Edge ovens come with a thoroughly designed air delivery system to maximize bake quality. We provide precise airflow control to achieve the best bakes in the industry. Controlled fuel, combustion air matched to flame demand that is branded and patented.

Energy Efficient

Utilizing our I-HEAT™ technology, our burner is unlike any in the industry for efficiency. I-HEAT™ precisely lets you control gas and air flow for the best in fuel economy. With our ability to control air, this helps you have very little loss and lower energy use by keeping hot air out of your kitchen.

Quality of Build

Our I-HEAT™ is included in all oven models to help you earn savings with each bake and achieve the best bake each time. All Edge Oven\s will come with a thoroughly designed air delivery system to maximize the bake quality. Our quality ovens are made in the USA with heavy duty and high-end materials.

Personal Sales & Service

Our Edge team puts quality at the forefront. We are quick to respond to customer questions and provide the technical support needed. Our customer service doesn't stop the minute your oven arrives.